Veronica Babirye and Annah Tusiime




The vision of Children at Risk Action Network (CRANE) is to see children safe, well and thriving in God’s Plan as they fulfil their God given Potential.

Central to this vision is a desire to see children not only treated well by the adults around them but also for the children themselves to be aware of how they should be treated and to actively ensure their own good treatment.

The Good treatment campaign is one of the global campaigns the Network carries out every year with its members. Key to this campaign is to address awareness, children’s rights and needs and keep children safe while involving adult engagement and seeking community commitment.

The campaign is run through the month of September and six key messages are emphasised. In the past, the campaign mostly stressed five messages; however, following the effects of global warming a sixth aspect on the environment was added to this campaign.

The messages are child friendly and emphasise Love, Acceptance, Quality time, Education, Responsibility and care for the Environment.

Over the years, the GTC has impacted lives of millions of children and adults not only in Uganda but also across the world.

In a recent campaign, we experienced tears of Joy when a girl and her mother reconciled. The two had been dealing with many issues, which they were able to talk through following a series of meetings resulting from the campaign. The two forgave each other, hugged and walked back home happier than they had come.

The campaign has helped change the mind-set of parents especially in terms of disciplining their children and understanding how best they can support their children especially during these very uncertain times of COVID-19.

We call upon all Network members to join us in advancing this campaign even further.

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