94% of all Ugandan children are vulnerable in one way or another. We equip children and their parents to know what child rights and responsibilities are, as well as providing families with small business skills training, empowering them to provide a better quality of life for their children.

A key priority is building the work of the Child Ambassadors. These children come together from all over the city to learn about their rights and responsibilities and to be trained in basic life skills, including:

  • leadership
  • keeping themselves safe
  • looking after others
  • promoting the holistic well-being of their peers.

Once trained, they go back to their schools and communities and run Safe Clubs to help teach their friends and other children in the community about keeping safe. CRANE also assists families within the programme with the process of getting children legally registered in order for them to access their legal rights.


Targets set for December 2015:

  1. 4,000 children describe improvements in their lives because of better access to child rights.

To date 1,907 children have been reached by 372 Child Ambassadors to date. Total children involved and empowered: 2,279.

  1. 400 families describe improved access to child rights for their children in their community.

To date 390 families have been reached with training in children’s rights. 400 Child Ambassadors have been trained. 36 Community Child Protection Committees and 41 Safe Clubs have been established with a total of 2,279 children actively participating.

  1. 40 CRANE members implementing national and international standards in child care.

To date 23 organisations have been trained in child wellbeing and child protection training. This was to share training with all organisations that had not been trained directly in their communities. It is foreseen that all 34 members representing. 41 communities will complete the QIS programme.