Jackie Kikome and Annah Tusiime




CRANE works to see every child living in a safe and loving family by encouraging kinship care, fostering, and adoption.

The Gospel message shows us that we are adopted by God into His family, made his heirs, and afforded the security of dwelling in the family of God. Because of the love that God has shown to each of his adopted children, every one of them should grow to love God and love their new family.

CRANE currently works and supports a number of foster families. The fun side about fostering is that the children are in one big loving family, and are treated all the same. There are no favorites, children enjoy family gatherings, dinners, various entertainment events, and holiday celebrations together.

Sam* is one of the many children that have been through the family for children’s program at CRANE aimed at finding children their forever homes.

We are grateful for caring hands like mama Christine’s, who graciously took Sam* in and fostered him through the years. She has not only offered shelter but she has also loved and encouraged Sam* into the adult he has now become.

This loving lady has fostered Sam since 2011 and Sam refers to her as “Mom” now, and she refers to him as a son and not just some fostered child. Sam loves his mom for being there for him when he needed a parent the most. She loves him unconditionally, and his love for her is the same. She has protected him from his past, provided for him, and let him know that there is hope for the future. Mama Christine is more than a parent; she is a hero because she stepped in and played a role in Sam*’s life that she didn’t have to play. She became a mother and role model to a child that she barely knew.

Through Mama Christine’s encouragement, upon finishing his O’levels, Sam was enrolled in a vocational school to do a two-year Diploma in Auto Motive Mechanics in 2019 and graduated in 2021.  Sam cannot wait to practice his passion. Besides pursuing his career, Sam* started a piggery project following a complete lockdown countrywide in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This was aimed at generating money to supplement the family income.

Sam* has grown into a hardworking, responsible, and respectful adult.  He loves his mother and family very much. His mother couldn’t be more proud of the gentleman he is growing up to be. This journey has empowered Sam to thrive.

Sam* says he wouldn’t have the life he has now if it weren’t for his foster care mother.  So he is thankful for it all.

As CRANE, our wish is to see every child belong in a family because we acknowledge how important family is.  Please will you pray with us that more families will take on children that do not have families to belong to, that children will be safe from all forms of abuse, and pray that God would send people who can speak the truth into the lives of these children and help them to heal from the trauma they have encountered.

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