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Children constitute 57% of Uganda’s total population of 30.7 million people. Of the 17.1 million children below the age of 18, 14% have been orphaned and 51% are either critically or moderately vulnerable[1]. Children are extremely vulnerable to multiple forms of abuse in Kampala’s urban environment where there is little understanding or acceptance of the value of children and their rights.

The Children at Risk Action Network links together over 145 Christian organisations, churches and schools working with more than 40,455 children at risk in Kampala. CRANE brings organisations, duty bearers and stakeholders together with a focus on keeping children safe, and empowering them to advocate for their own rights and protection, ensuring that children at risk are able to fulfill their God-given potential. We passionately believe that as Christian organisations work together we can make a significant difference in the lives of Kampala’s most vulnerable children.


CRANE’s Vision Statement

CRANE’s vision is to see Christians working together in strategic partnerships towards transformational change for children in Uganda under the guidance of Biblical principles of childcare so that every child reaches their God-given potential.

CRANE’s Mission Statement 

CRANE’s mission is to bring together child focused Christian organisations in and around Kampala to advocate for change, share resources, empower children, build capacity, achieve sustainability and provide the best quality care possible for children.

[1] National Strategic Plan for Vulnerable Children Fiscal Year 2011/12-2015/16, Volume 1, MoGLSD, November 2010

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