The Children Belong in Families group focuses on getting children out of institutions and back into family based care. Institutional care causes developmental damage, including retardation in physical growth, cognitive and brain development, and emotional and behavioral development.

Institutions often see children starved of healthy love and affection, with abuse and exploitation being common place. The longer a child stays in an institution, the harder they find it to integrate into normal society and to hold down jobs and build families. We are working together to ensure that children are only raised in family settings in the community.

Last year, we helped to rehome 136 children, either back with a family member or back into foster care. Members who have traditionally been functioning as children’s homes or child care institutions are now working together to ensure that they trace the families of children or find alternative families for those children. They are trained together to make sure that their social work and their approach to child care is compliant with the Government’s ‘Alternative Care Framework’ which was launched in 2013.

The Street Children’s Working Group meets regularly to work together to advocate for street children and to coordinate their work.

The Families for Children Working Group meets every month to coordinate the social work across children’s homes and to host trainings and coffee mornings for prospective and new foster families and adoptive families.