In response to the lagging resources of the Ugandan Education System and the need for quality teacher training, CRANE members are working together to demonstrate a different style of education that is both innovative and effective.

Twenty members are running Creative Learning Centres (CLCs) around the city. These centres work with 20-25 girls each term on a ration of 1 teacher to 10 girls.

Most of the students have dropped out of school or never received any education. In some cases this is because their families are poor, but research shows that more complicated factors contributing to the the problem include; abuse at school, the need for younger sibling care at home, pregnancy and disability.

CRANE has adopted an innovative approach to assessing what works when assisting children in catching up and engaging with the education process. Creative child-centred learning and teaching is the first step. From there we focus on, on-the-job teacher training and mentoring. Teachers work hand in hand with mentors trained to engage families in discussions regarding the education. They also help these families improve their household income without relying on sponsors, so that all their children can go to school.

We have also created a mobile resource library that moves between these communities, sharing resources between the schools. A competitive league for these children has also been formed so that girls and boys have the opportunity ti engage in and excel in non-academic activities.

So far in the first 2 terms, over 500 girls have been through a Creative Learning Centre and have been helped to get back into mainstream education or vocational education.